Assalamualaikum w.b.t. . .Hye guyss. .i'm the owner for this simple blog. .Let me introduce myself. . My name is Fadilah binti Kisno. .Just call me Dyla. .I'm 17 years old ( ex-candidates SPM ). .I was born on 16th of Sept 1994 at Hospital Tenom. .I was the third in my siblings. .No phone. ??? ( wanna give or not. ? maybe not ). .If you wanna chat with me just add my facebook at fadilahdla@yahoo.com and you also can add me on twitter at Fadilah_dyla. .
I actually just a simple person not too cute,beautiful or else. .As you see my picture,that is   me. .
That's all from me. .I hope you guys enjoy when read my blog and give some comments if you have any question and wanna share with me any things and don't forget to like it ok. :) Don't forget to follow me and i will follow you back. .Thanks with a big smile :)
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